Thursday, March 20, 2014

About TitaliCrafts

what is Titali Crafts?
As the name sounds it seems like another craft blog. Yes it is a craft blog, crafting my skills in the kitchen cooking, crafting my skills to sew pretty, perfect fitting clothes, crafting my skills to make perfect art pieces for my new home.
Titali is the hindi name for a butterfly. So expect this place to be as vibrant, colourful and lively as a butterfly.

Who blogs Titali Craft?
Hi, I am Lakshmi and this is my place. I am a 35 year old mother, wife and a lively person. After 15yrs of a fulltime IT job, I chose to retire and follow my passion to craft. Happy to have you here.

What to expect in Titali Craft?
This is the place you will find my failed attempts, learnings and some of the WOW creations. I hope you enjoy hanging around.

How to reach me?
I love to make friends and hang around. So feel free to message me.

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