Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This is the flared kurti but unfortunately the final length turned out to be a little shorter than expected. Lessons learnt... Next one should be a better one.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Maxi Dress

This is the first Maxi Dress I sewed for my little princess for Dasshera. It is a single colour satin fabric to add some interest the dress is draped with a stroll.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Crochet Hairband

This is my first attempt at Crochet. I have always been fascinated by the amazing crochet works found online and offline. But never really had the time or thought so to give it a try.

Finally I was able to complete this simple hairband and a little flower on it for my lovely angel.

The flower tutorial can be found here

The hairband is a simple double crochet band of the required width. You can find the double crochet tutorial here

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chayya Tailoring and Design College (Goregaon West, Mumbai)

This post is a dedication to the school where I was introduced to the world of sewing. I learnt to sew at Chayya Tailoring and Design College (CTDC). I am their student in the Advanced Ladies Tailoring course.

Chayya Tailoring and Design College has been a landmark tailoring institute for 80yrs in Gujarat, India and now, since 2013, CTDC Mumbai branch is operational in Goregaon (West). The training provided here is personalised and very professional. The faculty is experienced and versatile.

They have wide range of course that can be customized to your specific requirements. Some of them:
  • Basic Ladies course
  • Basic Men's course
  • Advance Ladies course
  • Advance Men's course
  • Single Item course
  • Advance Diploma coures

    To add on, they also have batch flexibility like Week-day batches, Week-end batches, early morning batches (can you believe ….. starting at 8am) and afternoon batches. You can schedule your classes to your suitability.

    They also have a similar structure for their Fashion Designing course. So CTDC is a one-stop solution for your entire designing and sewing skill enhancement.

    If you are in Mumbai and want to try your hands on sewing or fashion designing... you know where to go......

    Do check out their Facebook page for latest updates.
  • Wednesday, March 26, 2014

    Online buying

    Online buying is so much fun. You get to check all the details, reviews, various eshop portals for the best price, value service and finally buy the product. Last week I went on to buy two beautiful companions I would like to spend more time (only after my family).

    1. USHA Stitch Magic sewing machine: Its still as it was sent by the seller (4 days ago) though everyday I and my daughter take the machine out and keep it back in its place without trying out anything as of now. Reason??? we are still awaiting the demo from the company technician. I have always sewed on the traditional manual pedal sewing machine. This is the first automatic machine I have brought so you know why I don't want to start on a wrong note.

    2. Dell Inspirion: I have been handling a laptop for than 10yrs now but needed a new one so got this. I thought it would be easier start with the laptop than the sewing machine but alias it’s the same story here too. The machine has been delivered with a preloaded Ubuntu operating system. Something I am not comfortable and completely missed out in the order description. So now I am waiting for the operating system to be changed.

    So the fun and excitement lasted as long as it was in the order and delivery state. After which it’s been a wait for 4 days. I will surely update this space once the wait is over and our first experience with the automated sewing machine and the new Dell laptop.

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    About TitaliCrafts

    what is Titali Crafts?
    As the name sounds it seems like another craft blog. Yes it is a craft blog, crafting my skills in the kitchen cooking, crafting my skills to sew pretty, perfect fitting clothes, crafting my skills to make perfect art pieces for my new home.
    Titali is the hindi name for a butterfly. So expect this place to be as vibrant, colourful and lively as a butterfly.

    Who blogs Titali Craft?
    Hi, I am Lakshmi and this is my place. I am a 35 year old mother, wife and a lively person. After 15yrs of a fulltime IT job, I chose to retire and follow my passion to craft. Happy to have you here.

    What to expect in Titali Craft?
    This is the place you will find my failed attempts, learnings and some of the WOW creations. I hope you enjoy hanging around.

    How to reach me?
    I love to make friends and hang around. So feel free to message me.